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Denise's Restaurant in the Castello
"Pardini Vini e Cucina"

The meal is a special moment, a shared celebration, a major symbol of the Art of Living well

Cuisine is perhaps one of the most important windows in to a culture. At the table we create a special bonding, a sense of harmony and a connection with a place, its people, its culture, tastes and traditions. I hope you will join us for what I believe will be one of the most unique and satisfying dining experiences during your stay here in the Barolo & Barbaresco wine country. It is indeed an important moment for us also, a special opportunity to serve you, perhaps to get to know you better.

The cuisine you will find here is my personal one that is all about the joy & aliveness of quality, fresh ingredients. I use an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in my garden. My staff says my cuisine is colorful and I love that description! Although local food traditions are quite recognizable, I have lightened and brightened them for modern sensibilities and added small & exciting surprises; I would say mine is an imaginative but unpretentious take on the cucina Piemontese.

One last word about my kitchen, I am proud to say that my entire staff are all Italians. I do not use lower paid foreign workers, here in Italy doing apprenticeships to staff my kitchen - unlike many of the other upscale restaurants, all throughout Italy. My sous chef is Giulio Villa with experience in a number of Michelin starred restaurants, Garde Mangier & Pastry is Federico Corrado & Stefania Del Tufo (both graduates of Alma, Gaultiero Marchiesi’ s Culinary Academy) works her magic with me at the pass, plating. My staff are wonderful! We hope you will join Us!
Open Wednesday through Sunday from 8:00 pm.
Advance Reservations greatly Appreciated.

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