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A small luxury hotel in the enchanting Barolo vineyards.

The secret of Castello di Sinio is in How it Feels to be here.

Our small "luxury" hotel , perfectly situated between the Barolo & Barbaresco wine zones, is something beyond beautiful or simply expensive material things. We offer those yes, but to us, luxury is also that deep, expansive feeling of well-being, a calmness, a peace of mind, a certain" something" that is priceless. We are devoted to our guests well-being, cognizant that free time is one of the most precious things you have. That you have chosen to spend it with us we view as a privilege and we work tirelessly to create that certain "something" for you.

Our Ideals express the essential spirit of who we are and what we strive to provide.
FELLOWSHIP - is a certain character & spirit of an individual that enlivens the quality of their work. It is a certain kind of passion – for KINDNESS, OPENESS and helping others feel like they BELONG.
PERSONAL GENEROSITY - is what is in our heart and souls, and emanates from us. It is the personal touch that is in the things we do. It is the extra mile that we go for each other and for guests and it is the willingness to create a bond.
SENSE OF PLACE - is about PEOPLE in places, not just places. The beauty of a place is not enough. This ideal is that the People who come together fully appreciate where they are. We celebrate where we are and who we are so that guests who come, know they have been somewhere special.
HARMONY - this is when all the separate pieces are so aligned that we think, act and work so seamlessly that it appears effortless. That effortlessness becomes a joyous celebration of life and who we and who you are.
BEING - this is the ARTFULNESS to living. It is this art that each in our own unique way commits to practicing. Our canvases are ourselves, our work, and our guests. It is the art of creating a deep expansive sense of well-being.


Discover Our Concierge Services - from the Heart

We feel similarly about our knowledge of the Barolo & Barbaresco zones and the wider region of Le Langhe & Piedmont. I, and the entire team here are passionate about being ambassadors for the wines, cuisine, estates, people & sights of Le Langhe. We delight in sharing our insight & knowledge and helping create that feeling that you are connected to something that is unique in the world. There is not a time that we venture out – to sightsee, pay a visit to a winery, dine again in one of the Langhe restaurants, have a neighbor or colleague drop in for an aperitivo, that we are not convinced once again how special, how exquisite, almost lost in another era, the hospitality of Le Langhe seems to be. It really has to be experienced. And that is how Exquisite Experiences was created!

We can help you select & reserve the very best Barolo & Barbaresco Wine Tours, Barolo & Barbaresco wine tasting and vineyard visits, Gastronomic tours & activities, Trekking, Biking, Vespa rentals and much more. We can arrange luxury ground transportation and transfers to and from airports , throughout the Langhe, Italy and beyond even in to France & Switzerland. Click on Exquisite Experiences, select Tours, Excursions & Classes for Barolo & Barbaresco. For " Do It Yourself" types there is a wealth of information about the Barolo & Barbaresco wineries, wine tasting, touring and dining.

Let us know what we can do for you and know that everything we do, we do from the heart.


A little History of the Castello in Sinio

AN ENCHANTING HOTEL opened in 2005

Built in 1142 by the Marchesi Del Carretto, Castello di Sinio is one of the oldest castles in the Barolo wine zone, located in Le Langhe, a district in Piedmont, Italy. Until it was restored, starting in 2000, it was a private residence and essentially a very run-down farm. I resurrected the castle and turned it into a hotel for the first time in its history, opening in the fall of 2005.

Le Langhe includes Alba, the Barolo and Barbaresco wine zones and the Alta Langa as well. From Barbaresco to Monforte d'Alba to Serralunga to La Morra, the area is full of historical residences, fortresses and castles. Castello di Sinio, however, is the ONLY medieval castle here in the Langhe that has been converted into a hotel.

A curiosity that I discovered recently is that historic documents say that the Marchesi Del Carretto actually RESTORED Castello di Sinio! Historians are in agreement about that, but not about what was on the site previous to 1142 when they apparently took possession and "built" the Castello. The Castello is also unique in that it was built completely from stone, unlike most of the area castles, built from brick manufactured at the number of ancient brick furnaces that you also see in the area. The stone is not local but very reminiscent of the stone from the Del Carretto's capital on the Ligurian coast. The only other village that looks similar is the upper part of Monforte d'Alba, which the Del Carretto founded as well, later in the 12th century.

During my restoral of the Castello, I was able to preserve a great deal of the original materials from the stone walls to terra cotta tile floors to many of the massive original chestnut timbers and ceilings. Unfortunately, I was not able to save the tower, it was torn down by the family who owned it previously, in order to build the driveway. Remember that as you are driving up it! I did work with care and love to try and maintain the feel and character of the place, decorating with plush classic fabrics, antique furniture, doors and pictures, some 600 years old! That said, everything works and the hotel is warm and comfortable, an absolute must for me, and I imagine also you!

I hope to welcome you soon.