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Exquisite Experiences...

are those that connect you with the essence of a place & it’s people. This is our guide to people and experiences to help you plan your Langhe adventure. We seek Love & Passion, Dedication & Devotion in all that we recommend and offer.

Barolo & Barbaresco WINERIES

Winery visits, especially those by appointment give you the opportunity to meet and get to know the People behind the incredible wines of our area. The vast majority of wineries are by appointment, they do not have open walk-in Tasting Rooms. But it takes just a moment to click on a link below and request a visit with date & time.  You will be shown incredible & unique hospitality. Allow apx 2 hours per visit & 15 to 20 minutes drive time between the different villages.

We are happy to help you with appointments once you have arrived to the hotel, but we encourage you to reach out to the wineries personally, they are very receptive. Click & Request Below!  OR you can opt to let us craft a Self-Drive Itinerary of winery touring or choose one of our Guided or Chauffeured Private Wine Tours.

Other great ways to do wine tasting are at the Regional & Comunal ENOTECA and the few but important Wineries Open to the Public with walk-in Tasting Rooms. Download the lists.


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Cascina Bruciata Azienda Agricola
Strada Rio Sordo, 46 BARBARESCO 12050

Barbaresco Rio Sordo & Rio Sordo Riserva, Barolo Cannubi Muscatel

Tel.+39 0173 638826 •   Email fbaravalle@cascinabruciata. it •  www.cascinabruciata.it
Michele Chiarlo
Strada Nizza-Canelli, 99 CALAMANDRANA 14042

Barolo Cerequio & Cannubi, Barbaresco Asili & Reyna

Tel.+39 0141 769030 •  www.chiarlo.it
F.lli Cigliuti
Via Serraboella, 17 NEIVE 12052

Barbaresco Serraboella & Vigna Erte

Tel.+39 0173 677185 •   Email info@cigliuti.it •  www.cigliuti, it
Cascina Delle Rose
Via Rio Sordo 58, BARBARESCO 12050

Wonderful wines & highly recommended for a visit. Barbaresco

Tel.+39 0173 238292 •   Email cascinadellerose@cascinadellerose.it •  www.cascinadellerose.it
Giovanni Rosso
Loc. Baudana, 6 SERRALUNGA d'ALBA 12050

Barolo La Serra, Cerretta, Serralunga & a limited amount of Vigna Rionda + Langhe Nebbiolo. 

Tel.+39 0173 613340 •   Email info@giovannirosso.com •  www.giovannirosso.com
Cantina Vignaioli Elvio PERTINACE
Loc. Pertinace, 2 TREISO 12050

Excellent prices, great quality.  Barbaresco Nervo, Marcarini & Vign. Castellizzano + Langhe Nebbiolo

Tel.+39 0173 442238 •   Email info@cantinavignaioli.it •  www.cantinavignaioli.it
Borgata Valdiberti, 59 DOGLIANI 12063

This is a new find & I LOVE their Baroli!  Barolo Le Coste & San Giuseppe + Langhe Nebbiolo Botti

Tel.+39 0173 70686  •   Email pecchinino@pecchenino.it •  www.pecchenino.it
Giuseppe Mascarello & Son
Via Borgonuovo, 108

Barolo Monprivato rivals Monfortino any day!  Also Barolo Villero & Santo Stefano di Perno are stunners.

Tel.+39 0173 92126 •   Email mauromascarello@mascarello1881.com •  www.mascarello1881.com
Simone Scaletta Viticoltore
Loc. Manzoni, 61 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

A fairly new but up-and-coming wine producer in Monforte d'Alba. 

Tel.+39 348 4912733 Cell •   Email viniscaletta@alice.it •  www.simonescaletta.it
Giuseppe Rinaldi
Via Monforte, 5 BAROLO 12060

Barolo Brunate, Brunate-Le Coste, Tre Tine, Cannubi-San Lorenzo-Ravera

Tel.+39 0173 56156 •   Email carlotta.rinaldi@me.com •  No Site
Rocche dei Manzoni
Loc. Manzoni Soprani, 3 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

Big Baroli in the 90s style.  Barolo Big d'Big, Cappella di S. Stefano, La Villa Modonna Assunta Riserva, San Pietro.

Tel.+39 0173 78421 •   Email info@rocchedeimanzoni.it •  www.rocchedeimanzoni.it
Cascina Val del Prete
Strada Santuario, 2 PRIOCCA 12040

I fell in love with Mario Roagna's wines many years ago.  Visiting his winery is good way to get yourself over to the Roero and taste wines from a different terroir than the Langhe.  Completely biological. Love his whites and his Nebbiolo.

Tel.+39 0173 616534 •   Email valdelprete@tiscali.it •  www.valdelprete.com
Ca' Viola
Borgata San Luigi 11, DOGLIANI 12063

Cult Barolo, completely traditional. Barolo Sottocastello from the comune of Novello.

Tel.+39 0173 742535 •   Email info@caviola.com •  www.caviola.com
Agricola Gian Piero Marrone
Strada Annunziata, 13 Fraz. ANNUNZIATA La Morra

4 generations of family have dedicated themselves to tending vines and making a classic Barolo in a beautiful winery just on the edge of the medieval village of La Morra.

Tel.+ 39 0173 509288 •   Email marrone@agricolamarrone.com •  www.agricolamarrone.com
Via Bordini, 15 NEIVE 12052

 Barbaresco Bordini & Serraboella, Langhe Nebbiolo.   One of our favorite small Barbaresco producers owned by Aldo & Luisella Pola & Bruno Ferro.  60,000 Bottles, 14 hectares in total.

Tel.+ 39 0173067 195 •   Email info@fontanabianca.it •  www.fontanabianca.it
Damilano Winery
Via Roma, 31 BAROLO 12060

Open to the Public for Tastings, without appointment necessary.

Tel.+39 0173 282582 •   Email info@cantinedamilano.it •  www.cantinedamilano.it
Loc. San Cassiano, 34 ALBA 12050

Open to the Public for Tastings, no appointment necessary.  For a tour of the cellar an appointment must be made.  A beautiful winery with a particulary comfortable area for tastings.

Tel.+39 0173 282582 •   Email ceretto@ceretto.com •  www.ceretto.com
Elio Grasso
Loc. Ginestra, 40 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

Be informed that at the moment the winery does not have any Barolo to taste as part of a winery tour. 

Tel.+39 0173 922222 •   Email info@eliograsso.it •  www.eliograsso.it
Borgogno Winery
Via Gioberti, 1 BAROLO 12060

Open to the Public for Tastings.  There is usually a Cellar Tour conducted in English at 3:00 pm. 

Tel.+39 0173 56108 •   Email info@cantinaborgogno.com •  www.borgogno.com
Fontanafredda Winery
Via Alba, 15 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050
Tel.+39 0173 626111 •   Email info@fontanafredda.it •  www.fontanafredda.it
Marchesi di Barolo Winery
Via Roma, 1 BAROLO 12060

Open to the Public for Tastings, without appointment necessary.  A tour of the cellar requires an appointment but is well worth it; it is a beautiful historic winery. 

Tel.+39 0173 564491 •   Email info@marchesidibarolo.com •  www.marchesibarolo.com
Produttori del Barbaresco
Via Torino, 54 BARBARESCO 12052

WINERY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR TASTINGS, no appt necessary.  For a Cellar tour, an appointment well in advance is essential.

Loc. Lirano, no. 2, SINIO 12050

Our great neighbors.  Try to book with Enrico the young & talented winemaker who has contributed mightly to Rivetto's star rising.  Check out his blog Enrico Rivetto, to track the winemaking during the year and learn alot!

Tel.+39 0173 613380 •   Email info@rivetto.it •  www.rivetto.it
Reg. San Cassiano, 4G ALBA 12051
Tel.+39 0173 280017 •   Email info@prunotto.it •  www.prunotto.it
Pio Cesare
Via Cesare Balbo, 6 ALBA 12050

Ask your favorite wine shop or Sommelier to enlist help with their Distributor or Importer to secure you an appointment at this truly beautiful, historic winery.  Otherwise Pio Cesare accepts visits only from the wine Trade.

Tel.+39 0173 440386 •   Email info@piocesare.it •  www.piocesare.it
Mauro Sebaste
Fraz. Gallo via Garibaldi, 22bis GRINZANE CAVOUR 12050

Very accommodating winery, possible for Saturday visits, request via email.

Tel.+39 0173 262148 •   Email info@maurosebaste.it •  www.maurosebaste.it
Poderi Colla
Loc, San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, 82 SAN ROCCO SENO D'ELVIO
Tel.+39 0173 290148 •   Email info@podericolla.it •  www.podericolla.it
Silvio Grasso
Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Luciani, no. 112 LA MORRA 12064

Barolo Bricco Luciani & Bricco Manzoni, Giachini, Tumé, Annunziata V. Pilcotti.

Tel.+39 0173 50322 •   Email info@silviograsso.com •  www.silviograsso.com
Mauro Molino
Fraz. Annunziata, B.Ta. Gancia, no. 111 LA MORRA 12064

LOVE their wines, well priced for the quality.

Tel.+39 0173 50814 •   Email info@mauromolino.com •  www.mauromolino.com
Renato Ratti
Fraz. Annunziata, no. 7 LA MORRA 12064

They offer tastings only, NO tour of the cellar done.  And they are not particularly welcoming.

Tel.+ 39 0173 50185 •   Email info@renatoratti.com •  www.renatoratti.com
Mauro Veglio
Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Nuova, no. 50
Tel.+39 0173 509212 •  www.mauroveglio.com
Elio Altare
Fraz. Annunziata, Cascina Nuova, no. 51 LA MORRA 12064

If you can score an appointment you will have a great time with Silvia, Elio's lively daughter who I love and never to see enough!  Be aware, they do not sell from the winery.

Tel.+39 0173 50835 •   Email elioaltare@elioaltare.com •  www.elioaltare.com
Fraz. Santa Maria via Tetti, no. 28 Santa Maria LA MORRA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 50618 •   Email info@oddero.it •  www.oddero.it
Gianni Voerzio
S.da Loreto, no. 1 LA MORRA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 509194 •   Email voerzio.gianni@tiscali.it  •  No web site
Enzo Boglietti
Via Roma, no.37 LA MORRA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 50330 •   Email info@enzoboglietti.com •  www.enzoboglietti.com
F.lli Revello
Fraz. Annunziata, no.103 LA MORRA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 50276 •   Email revello@revellofratelli.com •  www.revellofratelli.com
Renato Corino
Fraz. Annunziata, B.TA. Pozzo, no.49A LA MORRA 12064

Borolo Arborina, one of my favorite & most elegant vineyards or CRU, Vign. Rocche & Rocche dell Annunziata for more minerality and power.

Tel.+39 0173 500349  •   Email renatocorino@alice.it •  www.renatocorino.it
Rocche Costamagna
via Vittorio Emanuele, no.8 LA MORRA 12064

Often available for visits on Saturday and even Sunday sometimes!

Tel.+39 0173 509225 •   Email info@rocchecostamagna.it •  www.rocchecostamagna.it
Giacomo Borgogno & F.lli
Via Gioberti, no. 1 BAROLO 12060
Tel.+39 0173 56108 •   Email info@borgogno.com •  www.borgogno-wine.com
E.Pira Chiara Boschis
via Vittorio Veneto, no. 1 BAROLO 12060

One of the so-called "Barolo Boys" and an orginal.  She is one of the best winemakers in the area and one of the best storytellers.  Chiara is also darling, a lot of fun and generally kicks ass, as do her wines!!  The story of how she acquired the E.Pira Winery is heartwarming and attests to her humility and respect.

Tel.+39 0173 56247 •   Email info@pira-chiaraboschis.com •  www.il-vino.com
G.D. Vajra
Loc. Vergne, via delle Viole, no. 25 BAROLO 12060

Available for visits on Saturdays, ask about Sundays.  This is a real family operation and quite inspirational.

Tel.+39 0173 56257 •   Email info@gdvajra.it •  www.gdvajra.it
Luciano Sandrone
Via Pugnane, no. 4 BAROLO 12060

A wonderful winery and people.  Ask you favorite wine shop or Sommelier to hit up their distributor and/or importer to ask for an appointment.  Write an email yourself, but do not hesitate to ask for the above assistance.   

Tel.+39 0173 560023 •   Email info@sandroneluciano.com •  www.sandroneluciano.com
Bartolo Mascarello
via Roma, no.15 BAROLO 12060

Bartolo Mascarello does not have a website however I believe Maria Teresa uses electronic mail now although you must write to her via her website. Be sure to WRITE her to request an appointment, our calling on your behalf doesn't work.  Writing her is ESSENTIAL! 

Tel.+39 0173 56125
Podere Ruggeri Corsini
Loc. Bussia Corsini, no. 106 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

Wonderful people and good friends.  Their winery is very down to earth and a real family operation.  Great wines at very good prices!

Tel.+39 0173 78625 •   Email info@ruggericorsini.com •  www.ruggericorsini.it
F.lli Seghesio
Loc. Castelletto, no. 19 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065
Tel.+39 0173 78108 •   Email fratelli.seghesio@alice.it •  www.fratelliseghesio.com
Conterno Fantino
Via Ginestra, no. 34
Tel.+39 0173 78204 •  www.conternofantino.it
Giacomo Conterno
Loc. Ornati, no. 2 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12064

Gives visits only to the people in the Wine Trade for the most part.  Ask for assistance from the your wine store or favorite Sommelier and WRITE to the winery well in advance to request a visit.

Tel.+39 0173 78221 •   Email conterno@conterno.it •  www.conterno.it
Domenico Clerico
Loc. Manzoni, no. 67 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 78171 •   Email info@domenicoclerico.com •  www.domenicoclerico.com
Aldo Conterno
Loc. Bussia, no. 48 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12064
Tel.+ 39 0173 78150 •   Email must contact trough web site •  www.poderialdoconterno.com
Attilio Ghisolfi
Loc. Bussia, no. 27 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12064
Tel.+ 39 0173 78345 •   Email ghisolfi@ghisolfi.com •  www.ghisolfi.com
Armando Parusso
Loc. Bussia, no. 55 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12064
Tel.+39 0173 78257 •   Email info@parusso.com •  www.parusso.com
La Spinetta
Via Annunziata no. 17 CASTAGNOLE DELLE LANZA 14054

La Spinetta for all it's fame remains very accesable for visits.  Be sure to write in advance, click on the link below!

Tel.+39 0173 262291 •   Email info@la-spinetta.com •  www.la-spinetta.com
Ettore Germano
Loc. Cerretta, no.1 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

Excellent small producer, great place to visit the winery.

Tel.+39 0173 613528 •   Email germanoettore@germanoettore.com •  www.germanoettore.com
Paolo Manzone
Loc. Meriame, no, 1 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

Very friendly, makes for a wonderful visit & tasting.

Tel.+39 0173 613113 •   Email paolomanzone@barolomeriame.com •  www.barolomeriame.com
Massolino - Vigna Rionda
Piazza Cappellano, no. 8 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

Recently restored and updated their winery.  Quite accesable for visits now.

Tel.+ 39 0173 613138 •   Email info@massolino.it •  www.massolino.it
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, no. 5 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060
Tel.+39 0173 62825 •   Email info@vietti.com •  www.vietti.com
F.lli Cavollotto Tenuta Bricco Boschis
Loc. Briccho Boschis Strada Alba-Monforte, CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060
Tel.+39 0173 62814 •   Email info@cavallotto.com •  www.cavallotto.com
Paolo Scavino
Fraz. Garbelletto, no.59 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060

Elisa is the new generation of winemakers, is delightful & brilliant.  Her Barolo Bric del Fiasc 2010 won 100 points in Wine Enthusiast recently! 

Tel.+39 0173 62850 •   Email e.scavino@libero.it /info@paoloscavino.com •  www.paoloscavino.com
Fraz. Garbelletto, no. 53 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060
Tel.+39 0173 62859 •   Email lscavino@azelia.it •  www.azelia.it
Via Alba - Barolo, no. 54 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060
Tel.+39 0173 62852 •   Email no address available •  www.brovia.net
Collina Serragrilli
Loc. Serragrilli, no.3 NEIVE 12057
 •   Email info@serragrilli.it •  www.serragrilli.it
Fraz. Cotta', no. 21 NEIVE 12057

The winery is actually on the road into Barbaresco immediately on the right, even though the address is Neive.

Tel.+39 0173 635186 •   Email info@sottimano.it •  www.sottimano.it
Via Gaia, no. 5 NEIVE 12057
Tel.+39 0173 67192 •   Email info@prinsi.it •  www.prinsi.it
Loc. Bricco via Serra Boella, no. 20 NEIVE 12057
Tel.+39 0173 67343 •   Email info@paitin.it •  www.paitin.it
Piero Busso
Via Albesani, no. 8 NEIVE 12057
Tel.+39 0173 67156 •   Email bussopiero@bussopiero.com •  www.bussopiero.com
Marchesi di Gresy
C.da Martinenga, no. 21 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635222 •   Email info@marchesidigresy.com •  www.marchesidigresy.com
Via Torino, no. 18 BARBARESCO 12050

Do not give visits except to people in the Wine Trade.

Tel.+ 39 0173 635158  •   Email contact through web site •  www.gaja.com
Ca' Rome' Romano Marengo
Via Rabaja, no. 86/88 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635126 •   Email info@carome.com •  www.carome.com
Cantina del Pino
Via Ovello, no. 31 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635147 •   Email renato@cantinadelpino.com •  www.cantinadelpino.com
Giuseppe Cortese
Via Rabaja, no. 80 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635131 •   Email info@giuseppecortese.it •  www.cortesegiuseppe.it
Via Rabaja, no. 46 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635228 •   Email info@moccagatta.eu •  www.moccagatta.eu
Albino Rocca
S.Da. Ronchi, no. 16/18 BARBARESCO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 635145 •   Email roccaalbino@roccaalbino.com •  www.albinorocca.com
Bruno Rocca
Via Rabaja, no. 60 BARARESCO 12050

Amazingly available given how famous they are!  Write for an appt.

Tel.+39 0172 635112 •   Email info@brunorocca.it •  www.brunorocca.it
Rino Varaldo
Via Secondine no. 2 BARBARESCO 12050
Via Rizzi, no. 15 TREISO 12050

Wonderful young winemaker and fantastic Barbaresco Rizzi, Nervo & Pajorè.  A winery to discover!

Tel.+39 0173 638161 •   Email cantinarizzi@cantinarizzi.it •  www.cantinarizzi.it
Ca' del Baio
via Ferrere, no. 33 TREISO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 638219 •   Email cadelbaio@cadelbaio.com •  www.cadelbaio.com
Via Ferrere, no. 10 TREISO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 638430 •   Email info@pelissero.com •  www.pelissero.com
Fiorenzo Nada
Via Ausario no. 12c TREISO 12050
Tel.+39 0173 638254 •   Email nadafiorenzo@nada.it •  www.nada.it
Josetta Safirio
Loc. Castelletto no. 39 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065
Tel.+39.0173.787278 / +39.3351328474 Sara Cel.  •   Email info@josettasafirio.it •  www.josettasafirio.it
Giovanni Manzone
Via Castelletto no. 9 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065
Tel.+39.0173.78114 •   Email info@manzonegionanni.com •  www.manzonegiovanni.com
Guido Porro
Via Alba no. 1, SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

Brilliant small producer, imported by the stellar Kermit Lynch Importers in Berkeley, CA

Tel.+39.0173.61306 •   Email guidoporro@alice.it •  www.giudoporro.com
Bruna Grimaldi
Via Parea, 7 GRINZANE CAVOUR 12050

Barolo Camilla, Bricco Ambrogio and Badarina, which deserves best Barolo for the best price award of all times! 

Tel.+39.0173.262094 •   Email vini@grimaldibruna.it •  www.grimaldibruna.it
G.B. Burlotto
Via Vittorio Emanuele,28 VERDUNO 12060

A visit to this winery is a must since they are the one, if not the only ones, still doing the crush by foot!  Barolo Monvigliero, Cannubi and my favorite Aclivi, a blend of 5 vineyards.  Simply stupendous.  Their Pelaverga is fantastic too.

Tel.+39.0172470122 •   Email info@burlotto.com •  www.burlotto.com
F.lli Alessandria
Via. B. Valfrè 59 VERDUNO 12060

Love their Barolos, you must try their Pelaverga, an indigenous grape to Verduno and very special.

Tel.+39.0172470113 •   Email info@fratellialessandria.it •  www.fratellialessandria.it
Giacomo Fenocchio
Loc. Bussia Soprana,72 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065
Tel.+39.017378675 •   Email info@giacomofenocchio.com •  www.giacomofenocchio.com