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are those that connect you with the essence of a place & it’s people. This is our guide to people and experiences to help you plan your Langhe adventure. We seek Love & Passion, Dedication & Devotion in all that we recommend and offer.

The Best of Barolo & Barbaresco RESTAURANTS

Dinner Reservations are highly recommended, if not in fact required.  We have created this guide to make it easy for you to Select and Reserve.   Just click the link and write a quick email requesting a reservation.   The Restaurants really appreciate your personal involvement and give preference to those who email.  Everyone speaks english and although they may not respond as quickly as we are used to, respond they will!  Give it a couple of extra days, but you will hear from them! These RESTAURANTS are ALL approximately 15 MINUTES FROM THE HOTEL but the best is Pardini Vini & Cucina, right here at the Castello!

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The Best of Area Restaurants
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Massimo Camia ( was Locanda nel Borgo Antico) - 1 star Michelin
Strada Provinciale Alba-Barolo, 122 LA MORRA 12060

The food is quite good here, not always as exciting as I want them to be, but the food is genuine and prices are honest.  The atmosphere is modern but relaxed & peaceful.  Ask for a table on or near the window where you will have a great view up the hill on to La Morra. Closed Tuesday all day and Wednesday lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 56355 •   Email massimocamia@gmail.com •  www.massimocamia.com
Guido at Fontanafredda - 1 star Michelin
Michelin 1 Star

In a beautiful place but somehow misses the mark on atmosphere, welcome and warm service.  The food is expensive and not all that interesting.  I WANT to like it more.  Will make another visit and report back. Closed Tuesdays  

Tel.+39 0172 458422 •   Email http://www.guidoristorante.it/prenota/ •  www.guidoristorante.it
Ristorante Piazza Duomo - 3 star Michelin
Piazza Risorgimento, 4 ALBA 12051

Modern, creative Italian cuisine - some molecular some classic, but very well done & great technique.  Sometimes the dishes on the menus can be a little repetitive.  Atmosphere is interesting in a pink, minimalist room.  Service is usually very attentive. Closed Sunday & Monday

Tel.+39 0173 442-800 •   Email info@piazzaduomoalba.it •  www.piazzaduomoalba.it
Trattoria del Castello Grinzane Cavour - 1 star Michelin
Via Castello 5, GRINZANE CAVOUR 12060

Highly recommended.  The new Chef Marc Lantieri is in his second year in the Castle at Grinzane Cavour and the food is very good and the atmosphere wonderful.  The wine list is excellent, just wish the Sommelier was a little friendlier but when Chef Lantieri's wife is in the dining-room, that makes up for him being a little grouchy.  Closed Monday & Tuesday.

Tel.+39 0173 262172 •   Email ristorante@castellodigrinzane.it •  www.castellodigrinzane.it
La Ciau del Tornavento - 1 star Michelin
Piazza Baracco, 7 12050 Treiso

Cuisine is a mix of creative, typical, modern but can be a little uneven; sometimes stunning sometimes quite disappointing.  But the dining-room is always wonderful, open, airy with nice views.  Service is also a bit hit and miss, Sommelier's that can't speak English are not a good thing!  I still love the place for certain occasions, but some guests have called me out on recommending it.  I can understand, they have made me cranky at times too.  Closed Wednesday all day and Thursday lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 638-352 •   Email info@laciaudeltornavento.it •  www.laciaudeltornavento.it
Pardini Vini & Cucina in the Castello of Sinio - Upscale
Vicolo del Castello, 1 SINIO 12050

To not overlook one of the best restaurants in the area, we thought it only fair to list Pardini Vini & Cucina as well!  Denise offers some of the most interesting food, a light and colorful take on the traditions of Langa, creative without being pretencious or precious.  She selects the wine as well, as was recently harolded by Wine Enthusiast as one the wine experts on the area. Closed Monday and Tuesday nights. 

Tel.+39 0173 263 889 •   Email reservations@hotelcastellodisinio.com •  www.hotelcastellodisinio.com
Locanda del Pilone - 1 star Michelin

Good food and very nice typical atmosphere.  It is a pretty long drive and can be a little tricky to find way out in the countryside outside of Alba.

Tel.+39 0173 366616 •  www.locandadelpilone.com
Locanda in Cannubi - upscale trattoria with view
Via Crosia, 12 BAROLO 12060

Undoubtedly has the greatest location in Barolo, right in the middle of the famous Cannubi vineyards.  Good food, strictly Piemontese with an innovative touch here and there.  Friendly owner who waits tables will help you with the good wine list.  I would say, drink Cannubi! Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tel.+30 0173 56294 •   Email info@locandaincannubi.it •  www.locandaincannubi.it
Ristorante Bovio - Upscale with a view, a favorite
Via Alba, 17bis LA MORRA 12064

Very nice restaurant with great terrace & wine list.  Inside be sure to ask for a window table, it makes a huge difference.  Food is quite good, better to choose the more traditional dishes and forego the too creative ones, which tend not to hit the mark, but overall very satisfying. Closed Wednesday & Thursday.

Tel.+39 0173 590303 •   Email info@ristorantebovio.it •  www.ristorantebovio.it
La Coccinella - upscale trattoria, a favorite
Via Provinciale 5, SERRAVALE DELLE LANGHE 12050

Refined typical cuisine, tweaked for modernity in a homey, elegant, relaxed atmoshpere.  Owned and run by 3 brothers, Massimo is the chef, Alessandro & Tiziano in the dining-room who speak great english and are very friendly and welcoming. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 748220 •   Email ale@trattoriacoccinella.com •  www.trattoriacoccinella.com
Trattoria della Posta - upscale trattoria
Loc. Sant' Anna, 87 MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

Re-fined, ultra typical cuisine a little old fashioned, not much tweaking for modernity.  The dining-room is beautiful, old-fashioned Piemontese style but one of the lovliest in the area.  Service can be a little slow.  Be careful ordering the Peperone or Grilled Vegetables with Bagna Coada, you will smell like garlic for a week! Closed Thursday & Friday lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 78120  •   Email info@trattoriadellaposta.it •  www.trattoriadellaposta.it
Enoclub - upscale trattoria with outdoor seating
Piazza Savona, 4 ALBA 12051

Very well done typical food, downstairs dining-room is brick valuted ceilings, outside seating is in the piazza.  Next door is their really good more casual osteria, Cafè Umberto, where sitting at the bar is my favorite way to dine there. Closed Sunday dinner & Monday.

Tel.+39 0173 33994 •   Email info@cafeumberto. it •  www.caffeumberto.it
La Luna nel Pozzo - no longer recommended
Piazza Italia, 23 NEIVE 12052

We no longer recommend this restaurant!  They are rude and unreasonable and very unforgiving if a guest does not show up.   There are plenty of other restaurantthat I can recommend and it will never again be one that gives me a ration of shit because someone on vacation didn't show up!    

Tel.+39 0173 67098 •   Email ristornate@lalunadelpozzo-neive.it •  www.lalunanelpozzo-neive.it
Da Felicin - very nice midscale trattoria
Via Vallada 18, MONFORTE D'ALBA 12065

Very nice dining-room with somewhat of a view down to the Cuneo plain.  The food is quite good, the tajarin great, but I am not wild about the "formula" they have of giving the hard-sell to take the tris of Antipasti tasting, then coming back and seeing if you want a Primo and then coming back again to see if you want a Meat course (Secondo) and sort of acting like it's a pain if you do. If you can manage to that, and I don't seem to be able even knowing the hard-sell is going to come, it's a good place.  I prefer to order what I want from a menu though, so if you do as well, make that known and hold firm! Closed Sunday dinner & Monday all day.  

Tel.+39 0173 78225 •   Email albrist@felicin.it •  www.felicin.it
Antinè - upscale restaurant

I love the food here but don't love the atmosphere which tends to very cool and kind of stuffy & uptight.  But the food is great if you find yourself in the vicinity. Closed Wednesday.

Tel.+39 0173 635294 •   Email Via Torino, 16 BARBARESCO center 12050 •  www.antine.it
La Liberà - modern trattoria
Piazza Elvio Pertinace, 24 ALBA 12051

Well done typical but kind of more modern approach to typical cuisine with sometimes some very interesting dishes.  Atmosphere is nice but easy, wood and earth tones are soothing. Service can be a bit slow at lunch. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Tel.+39 0173 293155 •   Email lalibera2002@libero.it •  www.lalibera.com
Osteria del Vignaiolo - nice casual, a favorite
Fraz Santa Maria, 1, LA MORRA 12064

Very good typical cuisine done with care in cute, clean & comfortable dining-room with exposed brick ceilings.  There is outdoor seating in a little garden just off the parking lot.  Closed Wednesday & Thursday.

Tel.+39 0173 50335 •   Email osteriadelvignaiolo@ciaoweb.it •  www.osteriadelvignaiolo.it
Osteria dell'Arco - typical osteria
Piazza Savona, 5 ALBA 12051

So Super typical food to the point of being boring and overly rigid.  The service is kind of the same way.  I love the atmoshpere, it is a little modern and clean, but it's that rigid no sense of humor Slow Food our way or the highway thing I don't like, both on the menu and service.  Reminds me of Seinfeld when they talk about the "Soup Nxxx" - its like that. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Tel.+39 0173 63974 •   Email info@osteriadelarco.it •  www.osteriadellarco.it
Rabaja' Ristorante - mid to upscale restaurant
Via Rabaj� , 23 BARBARESCO 12050

Lovely restaurant in a converted old house right in Barbaresco with traditional Piemontese decor.  The food is quite good and service is helpful and kind.  This is one of the dozen or so restaurants in the area that was quite famous in its day.  Highly recommended. Closed Mondays

Tel.+39 0173.63 52 23 •   Email info@rabayaristorante.it •  www.rababyristorante.it
Le Torri Ristorante - nice midscale trattoria
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 10 CASTIGLIONE FALLETTO 12060

Nice restaurant with the most darling small terrace overlooking the vineyards.  The restaurant changed hands last year and while the people are the super nicest the food is seriously old-fashioned clunky.   I will revisit this winter to see if the chef has addes some much need finesse and lightness. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 62849 •   Email info@ristoranteletorri.it •  www.ristoranteletorri.it
Osteria Veglio - casual restaurant
Fraz. Annunziata, 9 LA MORRA 12064

Typical food, dining room not particularly special, the welcome and service can be hit or miss.  Better for lunch on their outdoor veranda if you are nearby. Closed Tuesday & Wednesday for lunch.

Tel.+39 0173 509341  •   Email no email •  no website
La Rosa dei Vini - midscale restaurant with view
Via Parafada, 4 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

The food is very simple here, a bit banal but they have a view unlike no other.  It is a great spot for lunch, with lovely table settings & a darn good wine list with great prices.  I really recommend it for lunch when maybe you don't mind if the food lacks some polish but is made up for by the great wine prices - and that view! Closed Wednesday.

Tel.+39 0173 613219 •   Email info@larosadeivini.com •  www.larosadeivini.com
Antica Torre - informal, typical trattoria
Piazza Torino, 64 BARABERSCO 12050

Very good home cooking, served family style in sweet old-fashioned dining-room with lots of Grandmotherly types running around.  It is usually a mad house at lunch and won't be particularly fast. Closed Thursdays all day.  

La Cantinetta - informal, typical trattoria, a favorite
Via Roma, 33 BAROLO 12060

Very good typical food, good lunch spot with some outdoor seating.  There is a tiny, hidden terrace out back over looking the rooftops.  I like sitting in the very front, bar part of the place, it has a very "italian" feel to it.  If you don't want to over eat, order off the menu - don't do the fixed menu because stuff will just keeping coming!! Closed Wednesday dinner and Thursday all day.

Tel.+39 0173 56267 •   Email no email •  no website
Rosso Barolo - informal osteria/bistro
Via Roma, 16 BAROLO 12060

Good alternative in the village of Barolo, typical dishes pretty well done, simple food and nice atmosphere.  Closed Monday.

Tel.+39 0173 56133  •   Email info@ristoranterossobarolo.com •  www.rossobarolo.com
Piola - informal bistro of the 3 Star Michelin Piazza Duomo
Piazza Risorgimento, 4 ABLA 12051

Typical, casual and somewhat limited menu, but excellent quality with a certain finesse of tradiational dishes that you might expect being the casual outlet of the Michelin restaurant upstairs.  They almost always have a nice salad entreè, a nod to tourists craving some greens!  The salads can be a little weird but thank goodness for SOME roughage!  Closed Sunday dinner and all day Monday.

Tel.+39 0173 442800 •   Email info@lapiola-alba.it  •  www.lapiola-alba.it
Ca' del Lupo - informal typical trattoria
Via Ballerina, 15 MONTELUPO ALBESE 12050

Very, very simple food, nothing fancy but solid cooking in place that is very welcoming and very close-by.   They give our guests a lovely preference and you will usually get a window table with a great view. Closed for Lunchs and Tuesday dinner.

Tel.+39 0173 617249 •   Email cadellupo@cadellupo.it  •  www.cadellupo.it
Cascina Schiavenza - simple, old-fashioned osteria
Via Mazzini, 4 SERRALUNGA D'ALBA 12050

Good homecooking Grandma food with very limited choices but welcoming service.  In nice weather there is a little terrace with lovely views and breezes.  Their own wine is great by the way. Closed Sunday dinner & Tuesdays.  

Tel.+39 0173 613115 •   Email schiavenza@schiavenza.com •  www.schiavenza.com
Il Commericio Pizzeria Osteria
Via Cavour, 28 SINIO 12050

Wood fired pizza, a full regular menu and a surprisingly great wine list are a few of the reasons to go here.  Even better they are just  a 4 minute walk down in to our little village of Sinio.   You will find some of the best pizza in the entire area, good saldas and you will find Walter & Simona, who are wonderful neighbors and take great care of our guests.  CLOSED WEDNESDAYS  

Tel.+39 0173 263853