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Hotel conditions

Room Rates

A 2 night minimum stay is required on weekends on September, October and November.  Prices include 10% sales taxes.
City tourist tax is additional. All Prices and Payments are in EURO only.
For 2020 & 2021 ,our Gourmet Breakfast is €10 per person per day. Everything is homemade, seasonal fresh fruit is abundant & we offer changing hot cooked selections every day.  


To Reserve, Visa, MasterCard or American Express are required in order to make the deposti, plus an email address & working telephone number, are required as well. All payments are in Euro only.

Check-in and check-out information

Check-in Begins only at 2:00 pm and Ends at 8:00 pm. Our reception is not open 24 hours and closes after 8:00 pm. Our driveway & reception area cannot accommodate early Check-Ins as it is too small to accept arrivals during Breakfast, Check-Outs and Deliveries. If you absolutely cannot arrive during our hours please contact us to see if it is possible to arrange a later check-in. 11:00 pm is the absolute latest it is possible to arrive and the earliest is 1:00 pm.
Check-out time is from 8.00 am to 11:00 am. Early Check-In during breakfast & Check-Out hours is not possible, and during these hours we accept luggage drop off out side our Gate only and it must be arranged in advance. Thank You!




For 2020, cancellation is 14 days in advance but the cancellation period is shortened to 3 days in advance of your arrival date for covid-related reason.



The Late Cancellation and No Show charge is 100% of the total reservation being cancelled OR REDUCED either in number of days rooms. Early departure is treated as a cancellation, therefore, early departure, or reduction in nights or rooms, for any reason, will be charged 100% of the reservation Cancellation must be in writing, via fax or email only.


We are sorry but pets must remain at home


Children over the age of 10 are happily welcomed. Infants are not an exception, thank you.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the bedrooms, bathrooms and all interior common areas and well as outside in public areas, near the entrance or eating areas. We invite you to smoke outdoors in our designated smoking area.  We are sorry but we do not have any rooms where smoking is allowed.