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PARDINI, VINI & CUCINA - The little Restaurant in the Castle

"The Restaurant: Perfect in all senses, deserves a star!"

"If only all restaurants had this level of service + quality. The kitchen has perfect execution not to mention the careful presentation of the food... and the diningroom & wine service very attentive also!!!"
Epikurienne, Paris France, Dec 22, 2010


Our restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday evenings where we offer an ala carte menu of re-visited Piemontese classics that are lightened and refined for modern tastes and sensibilites. The chef is Denise Pardini who has become quite notable for her unique, yet respectful treatment of the local, tipical cuisine. Our wine list is ample and reasonable and reflects both well known and up-and-coming Producers from both the Barbaresco and Barolo apellations. The medieval dining room is warm & atmospheric, a wonderful place to experience what many say is some of the best food in the area. Reservations are a must and we encourage you to reserve at the time you book your accommodations. We are very small, quite popular and space is limited. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate you last minute, but we certainly try.

A Few Selections from our Fall Menu

White Truffle Specials - all with apx 6 grams of fresh shaved White Alba Truffles


Crespella di Semi di Zucca con Fontina, Velutata di Zucca e Fonduta leggera Tartufata
Roasted Pumpkin Seed Crepes filled with Fontina cheese & baked Pumpkin, brown butter Pumpkin puree' & a touch of Fonduta cheese sauce with 5 grams of shaved fresh White Alba Truffles

Uova in Camicia sull letto di Verdure Invernale con Fonduta leggera Tartufata
Poached organic egg on a bed of Cardoons, Jeruselum Artichokes, Spinach & Violet Artichokes sauteed in sage butter sauced with White Truffled Fonduta of Bra Tenero cheese & 5 grams of shaved fresh White Alba Truffles

Patate Ratte al Te' di Timo, Gallinaci saltati con Spuma di Roccaverano with 5 grams of shaved White Truffle
Salt Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & sauteed Chantrelles with with a Thyme Tea & Potato Roccaverano Cheese Cream & 5 grams of Shaved White Truffle


Gnocchi di Patate ripieni con Fonduta e Tartufi, Velutata di Zucca e Tartufi Bianchi
Stuffed Potato gnocchi filled with Truffle Fonduta on a bed of Brown Butter Pumpkin Puree' & 5 grams of fresh white Truffles

Tartufo Raviolo aperto, Sughetto di Quaglia & Foie Gras saltato in padella, Tartufi Bianchi
Open Truffle Ravioli with Quail, sauteed Foie Gras & Truffle Ragu & 5 grams of fresh white Truffles

Tajarin con Burro di Tartufi Bianchi d'Alba freschi fatto a casa
The famous local 30 egg pasta of fine ribbons with a homemade butter of fresh White Truffles from Alba plus a shaving of 5 grams of White Truffle

Risotto alla Castagna e Brodo di Fagiano con Parmigiano e Tartufi Bianchi d'Alba freschi
Chestnut & Pheasant broth Risotto with Chartreuse & White Truffle butter plus a shaving of 5 grams of White Truffle


Petto di Galletto di Marozzo, Purea di Castagna, Salsa ai Tartufi Bianchi, 5 gr Tartufi Bianchi
Roasted Breast of free range Chicken with spiced Chestnut Puree', Apples & Currants,White Truffle Sauce, Fall vegetable bouquet & 5 grams shaved fresh White Truffles

Sottofiletto di Fassone, Salsa ai Tartufi Bianchi , Gratin di Patate e Porcini, 5 gr Tartufi Bianchi
Piemontese Sirloin Steak with Truffle Sauce & fresh shaved White Truffles, Potato Porcini Gratin, Wilted Spinach with currants & Pine Nuts


Souffle di Grand Manier e Tartufo Bianco, Gelato di Ciccolato e Uvetta
Grand Manier & White Truffle Souffle' with Chocolate & Rum Raisin Gelato

Cooking Classes with Denise Pardini

We offer COOKING LESSONS during the low & mid season, weekdays only, space available & schedule permitting. Fall season as possible. Lessons are offered by advance reservation with a minimum 2 night stay and a minimum of 2 people. The classes are intimate, fun, hands on cooking experiences that immerse you in the local cuisine & culture.

We book lessons on an individual daily basis for maximum flexibility allowing visitors the major portion of the day to visit outdoor markets, any of the numerous famous wineries close by or simply to tour the amazing scenic medieval hilltowns and countryside.

The classes are held in the professional kitchen at Hotel Castello di Sinio right in the heart of the Barolo wine district and looking out on to hillside vineyards surrounding our small, luxurious and very friendly Relais.

Classes are taught by Executive Chef Denise Pardini assisted by the hotel's sous chef. Chef Pardini is orignally from Lucca, Tuscany and grew up cooking Tuscan & Piemontese classics and has focused exclusively on the cuisine of the Barolo wine district for the last 10 years.

Your hands on class will be based on what is fresh, seasonal & tipical. Class participants will learn old family secrets along with professional chef tips that can be immediately applied at home.

Please enquire for the cost of the cooking lessons which are priced in Euro per person and includes printed recipes & logo apron. There is a 2 night stay minimum required & 2 person minimum to hold a class. For more detailed information please contact us at

Rave Reviews for Denise's Cuisine & Our Restaurant

Our restaurant guests and critics say it better than we ever could. Here is sample of what they are saying:

"Denise cooks the best food we've tasted here in the Langhe, even better than Davide Palluda at all'Enoteca!" Jane & Nordar Helland

"Why would you want to eat anywhere else when the best food in Piedmont is 50 feet from your bedroon door?!" Mike Cenery

"The kitchen is run by Denise and how she gets so much out of herself and a small staff is a marvel. Breakfast is a delight -- pastry, meats and cheeses of the region, little French toasts or a crepe served hot at the table -- and four nights a week she operates a first-rate restaurant for hotel guests and others, that highlights local produce and cuisine. Piemontese cooking is very traditional, hidebound some say, but not in her hands. Familiar dishes are lighter, brighter, fresher-tasting than you will find elsewhere." Phil in SF

"The chef is the owner, Denise Pardini. Both my wife and I agreed that the two dinners she prepared were the best we had during our trip that included Rome, Florence, Bellagio and Milan. The preparation, presentation and freshness of the food combined with dining room's knowledge of the regional wines and a great wine list made it one of our most memorable experiences." Bruce Blasberg, Vancouver

"Denise produces serious, inventive dishes that range from the classics to surprising, creative takes on traditional Piemontese cuisine. Her salsiccia with roasted onion was gloriously comforting, while her version of cotechino with squash and sweet & sour pickled onion & apple salad was a lovely surpise. ...her set menu was among the best and best-value meals we had." Peter Kenyon, Cairo

About the Food

We change our menu constantly, often daily, and prepare only enough for the reservations we have so that we can insure the utmost in quality and freshness and make the most of what the season and fertile forests and farmlands have to offer. From the famous Alba white truffles in fall and winter to wild asparagus in the Spring, our menu reflects the our deep interest and respect for the local traditions while appreciating modern sensibilities for lighter techniques and tastes.

About the Chef

My name is Denise Pardini and I am the chef. I was born in San Francisco but my family is from Lucca in Tuscany and I grew up cooking with my Nonna Giulia Bertolani and my Dad, Enrico Pardini. I am grounded in Tuscan cooking technique but I am also French trained and many years ago was part of the Chez Panisse "revolution" in Berkeley, California. I personally and painstakingly select all recipes and the local ingredients that go into what we prepare. The cuisine is tipical Piemontese and at the same time, uniquely my own. I have a small staff that assists me but I am always personally in the kitchen cooking, as well as directing and overseeing everything that we present, both for breakfast and dinner.

I also select the wines on our list, trying to offer a good balance of famous and little known producers, reasonably priced to encourage exploration of the vast choice of fantastic wines in our area. I want to make you feel at home in the surroundings of this exquisite 12th century castle and in our dining room with its massive wood timber ceiling, original terra cotta tiles and fireplace.

I believe my small staff and I create one of the most unique and satisfying dining experiences here in Le Langhe. The cuisine is tipical, but modern and light in it's sensiblities and presented with imagination but without pretention. The wines represent the best and most interesting winemakers we know, presented in the Piemontese tradition but again with modern sensibilities.

Following are some examples from changing menus.

Il Ristorantino nel Castello various Spring-Summer 2006 Menu Selections


Filetto di Salmone in Carpione su letto di zucchine e Cipolle Tropea Marinate
Cold Marinated Filet of Salmone on a bed of julienne zucchine served with sweet marinated red onions from Tropea

Insalatina di Petto d'Anatra con Vinaigrette di Agrumi e Carpaccio di Terrina di Fois Gras
Salad of Duck Breast Prosciutto with field greens & shaved fennel and Blood Orange Vinaigrette topped with very thinly sliced shavings of Fois Gras Terrine

Rolata di Peperone con Mousse di Tonno, Olio di Basilico e Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena
Sweet Red Pepper stuffed and rolled with a Tuna Mousse served chilled with Basil Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Insalatina di Baccala, Fagiolini nostrani, Patate Novelle su letto di Sarset e Aioli leggerissima
Summer salad of salt cod, tiny green beans, new potatoes on a bed of lamb's lettuce and a very light Aioli (garlic mayonaise)

Caprese in Trasperenza
A different take on the classic Caprese salad: puree of sweet cherry tomatoes layered with whipped Mozzarella di Bufala and topped with Basil Salsa

Crostata di Caprino, Prosciutto e Fichi con Insalatina di Erbe Fresche
Tart of Goat Cheese, Prosciutto and Figs in crunchy Cornmeal Crust served with an Herb salad


Tajarin al Rosmarino con sughetto di confit di Finocchio e Filetti di Triglie croccante
Thin, hand cut egg and rosmary pasta with a light sauce of confit of fresh Fennel and crispy fried Red Mullet Filets

Crema di Zucchine con Mezzalune di Gamberi, Zucchine e Basilico con Olio di Peperoncino
Halfmoon Ravioli stuffed with tiny pink Shrimps, Zucchini and fresh Basil served with a Cream of zucchine and finished with a drizzle of Hot Pepper Oil.

Agnolotti del Plin al Verde di Seirass e Erbe con sughetto di verdurine d'estate
Traditional tiny rectanglar ravioli of green pasta filled with Piemontese Ricotta and garden Herbs served with a "little" sauce of summer vegetables and light Herb Butter

Ravioli di Melanzane e Menta con Pomodorini e Scamorza Affumicata
Ravioli filled with Eggplant and Mint with a sauce of sweet cherry tomatoes and smoked Scamorza cheese

Risotto con Salsiccia di Bra, Asti Spumante e Fiore di Zucchine
Risotto with light veal sausage, Asti Spumante Wine and Zucchini Flowers

Petto di Faraona al Ciliege e Passito Piemontese con verdure al Sesamo
Breast of female Pheasant in a sauce of fresh cherries and local Passito wine served with sesame vegetables of the season

Filetto di Maiale con Santoreggio, scorza di Agrumi e Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena
Filet of Pork cooked with Lemon Thyme, Citrus and Balsamic Vinegar from Modena

Costoletto d'Angello in Crosta di Senape e Pistachi e purea di Melanzane al profumo di Arancia
Rack of Lamb chops crusted with Mustard and ground Pistachios served with an Eggplant puree' profumed with Orange

Tagliata di Filetto di Fassone con una insalatina di Finocchio, Marggiorana e Pomodorini
Sliced Filet of the famous locally raised Fassone Beef of Piemonte served with refreshing salad of shaved Fennel, Marjoram and sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Tortino al Ciccolato caldo con Gelato al Dragoncello e Croccante di Pistachi
Molten Chocolate Cake served with Tarragon Gelato and Pistachio Brittle

Tartaletta di Pesche con siroppo al Basilico, Gelato di Pepe Nero e Sorbetto alle Pesche
Individual Fresh Peach Tart tatin with Basil Syrup, Black Pepper Gelato and fresh Peach Sorbet

Pere al Barolo con Gelato al Pepe Nero e Granita di Barolo Chinato
Pears poached in Barolo served with Black Pepper Gelato and Granita of Barolo Chinato

Sorbeto di Polmelmo e Moscato
Sorbet of Pink Grapefruit and Moscato Wine

Flan di Latte di Capra caramellta in crosta di Nocciola
Rich custard of caramelized goat milk in a crust of crunchy Hazelnut pastry and a light caramel sauce

Celebrate New Years Eve at Castello di Sinio!! We will be offering New Years Eve 2009 dinner with a minimum weekend stay of 2 nights. New Years Eve Dinner will be 95 Euro a person, including aperativo, wine, champagne at midnight and fireworks. The following is a sample menu.

Pizzetta of farm raised Beluga Caviar & Mascarpone
Carpaccio of Grappa cured wild Salmone with preserved lemon, arugula & cherry tomatoes
Zuppetta of Maine Lobster and Crab Crostini
Sauteed Fois Gras with Apple, Sage & Passito Piemontese
Risotto with Prawns & Proseco
Filet of Elk with Spiced Cherry reduction and Celery Root Puree
Lenticche con Cotecchino a mezzanotte
Molten Chocolate Cake with Black Pepper Gelato & Almond Granite
Cookied & Mini Pastry Plate
Caffe Excelsior di Kilamanjaro
Grappa Sebaste

Il Ristorantino nel Castello various Fall & Winter Menu Selections


Timbalo di Patate, Funghi Porcini & Formaggio di Capra con Timo
Potato, Porcini Mushroom & Goat Cheese timbale with Thyme

Sformatini di Peperone e Cardi con crema di Bagna Caoda
Savory Flans of Red Sweet Peppers & Cardoons with a light creamy Bagna Cauda

Sfogliatina di zucca e Porri con Fonduta di Sola
Puff Pastry shell with carmalized pumpkin and leeks sauced with Piemontese Fondue of a mountain cheesed called Sola

Uova in Camicia sul letto di cardi, topinambure e carciofi con Fonduta & Tartufi Bianchi
Poached egg on a bed of artichokes, sunchokes and cardoons smothered in Piemontese Fondue and white Alba Truffles

Cipolla al forno ripieno con salsiccia di Bra
Baked onion filled with the famouse veal sausage of Bra


Tajarin con sugo di Coniglio e Olive Taggiasche
Thin, hand cut egg pasta with sauce of rabbit and tomato and black olives from Liguria

Fettucine con sugo di carne e fegato di pollo
Fettucine with a meat, chicken liver and tomato sauce

Plin con sugo di arrosto
Tiny rectanglar ravioli filled with three roasts and sauce with their juices

Risotto al Barolo e Radicchio Treviso
Risotto with Barolo and Radicchio from Treviso

Risotto ai Cardi e Roccaverano
Risotto with Cardi and Roccaverano Cheese

Lasagnetta con porri e topinambur
An individual lasagna with leeks and Jerusalem artichokes

Quaglia al Barolo Chinato
Quail cooked in Barolo Chinato (herb infused barolo)

Baccala mantecato con polenta
Salt cod cooked in milk and whipped with cream and potatoes, served with fried polenta "frites"

Petto d'Anatra Milanese
Breast of Duck pounded thin and breaded and fried in butter Filetto di Maiale con crosta di Anice e Finocchio
Anice and fennel encrusted pork filet

Trota Salmerino sul letto di versa e spugna con una crema tartufata
Salmon trout on a bed of cabbage and morels with cream of truffle

Panna Cotta con gelatina di lamponi
Panna cotta with a soft raspberry gelatina

Souffle di Amaretti e Cacao con salsa di pesche
Chocolate Amaretti Souffle with a peach sauce

Tatin di Pere al Barolo e Amarena
Tart Tatin with pears poached in barolo and amarena cherries

Mele Ripieno al forno con zabaglione al Whiskey
Baked apple filled with a fruit and nut compote served with whiskey sabayon

Si puo' aggiungere i Tartufi Bianchi per 3,00 al grammo.

White truffles can be added to appropriate dishes for 3 euro per gram, weighed at your table.

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